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Business Incubator in Johannesburg

The Marketing Incubator is a business incubator which is dedicated on empowering startup companies and small business owners with business knowledge to solve marketing challenges. Our purpose is to strengthen the long-term competitiveness and innovation among startups and small businesses. Our business incubator plays an important role as a first point of contact for knowledge exchange between our business coaches and incubatees.

The outcome for entrepreneurs

The business incubation participants will be successfully able to categorise and document their unique value proposition, with respect to their target customer and translate it into an actionable business model for their own offerings. It is expected that the marketing plans developed during the business incubation period will enable small and medium-sized business owners to plan and carry on their activities more strategically and sustainably, as well as customise and improve the quality of service offerings longer after they have exited our business incubation programme.

Incubation Registration

Easy Registration Process

The application process for our business incubator programme has been simplified to enable the transition from being an applicant to being a registered incubatee. We have also made the information sheet available for downloading purposes which will assist a lot with questions you may have.


How To Apply

  • Click here to download the Application Form
  • Fill in the form completely
  • Email form to
  • The application will be assessed by the panel
  • Correspondence will be sent within 10 days
  • Applicant will be matched with advisor

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    Applicant Requirements

  • Must be 25 years or older
  • Run a registered business
  • One application per company
  • Must have strong work ethic
  • Be available for online coaching
  • Be dedicated and willing to learn

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    Member Benefits

  • Workshop on Marketing Fundamentals
  • Workshop on Pricing Strategy
  • Access to industry experts
  • 6 hours per month for Zoom Meetings
  • 10 hours per month Face-to-Face consultation
  • Unlimited consultation via email or telephone